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Today’s guest, Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, is a mama of three, a writer, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ & a Joyful Living Educator. She is also the creator of  A Life in Progress, where she shares stories from her own life to remind people that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope. Krista reminds us that we are ever-evolving beings and that learning to have patience, love, and compassion for ourselves as we stumble through life is profoundly valuable.

Today we discuss:

  • The struggles  in her life that put her on the path of helping herself and others find purpose and joy.
  • How important she feels it is to feel heard and to feel you have people to sit with you in your discomfort and pain.
  • How loved ones often aren’t able to bear the weight of our pain.
  • How blogging, writing articles, and coaching has helped her break free of a lifetime of fear.
  • How her mission to lift as many other women up as she can as she journeys to freedom, wasn’t a choice, but rather something that flowed through her.
  • Parenting as an ongoing learning experience.
  • The importance of maintaining open communication with our children.
  • How our children have a right to feel how they feel without triggering us and our ‘stuff.’
  • How owning our flaws and repairing when we mess up can deepen our relationships.
  • The power of loving our kids when they are hard to love.
  • How she helps  women find their calling.
  • Her health-coaching work.
  • Learning to co-exist with feelings of discomfort and still doing the work you feel called to anyway.

I know you will absolutely LOVE today’s episode as much as I did. Let me me know what you think!