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Nitika's first line in the 'About' section of her blog reads: "I can be described many ways depending on the day. But, put simply, I’m a woman on a mission to inspire radical self-love." This term can seem cliché in the wellness world, but Nitika talks about self-love from a deep place of knowing. Nitika was only able to arrive at self-love after spending 26 years of battling chronic pain from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as the insecurity, confusion and depression that accompanied it. Now Nitika uses her experience to help others shift their perspective, feel their difficult emotions, offer themselves genuine care and love, and live a beautiful life of purpose. In this episode, Nitika talks about:

  • Receiving a diagnosis of psoriases at 10 and how this shaped her view of herself and her experiences in the world
  • Learning ways to offer herself love during some of the darkest times of her life
  • How she copes with painful emotions
  • Learning that while she couldn’t control her circumstances, she had a choice of what she could focus on and how she showed up in her life

Nitika is the epitome of resilience and her love for life is infectious. Tune in to hear this inspiring woman's story!



Nitika's Website: http://www.nitikachopra.com/

Nitika's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nitikachopra/