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This may be one of my favorite episodes to date. Today’s guest is the beautiful fashion stylist, Melissa Chataigne. After successfully transitioning from a corporate career in healthcare marketing, Melissa was finally doing what she loved: working as celebrity stylist. Then, her younger sister tragically committed suicide and her life was forever changed. With this loss and her disillusionment with Hollywood’s constant pressure to remain unnaturally thin, Melissa committed her life and career to helping people of all sizes dress with confidence and live full, authentic lives. Her blog, Chataigne Style, aims to inspire the everyday career-minded woman with her advice in fashion, beauty, travel, wedding tips, and body confidence.

Today we talk about:

  • How she got into fashion and styling.
  • How she had to break barriers, as the daughter of Haitian immigrants, to take a non-traditional path of entrepreneurship.
  • How her “side hustle” became her paycheck job.
  • How feeling disconnected to herself and to her calling made her realize she needed to shift course.
  • The experience that made her “wake up,” listen to her gut, and shift the course of her work.
  • Going back to a corporate job after her sister’s tragic death, and how it lead her to create Chataigne Style.
  • How her sister inspires her every day to love and serve others.
  • Her decision to go against cultural norms to speak openly about her sister’s death and the beautiful human she was.
  • Coming to a fork in the road of her life, where she had to choose between darkness and light.
  • Her desire to celebrate her sister’s life versus feeling lost in her grief.
  • The immense pressure Instagram puts on girls and women, in particular, to be perfect by inundating them with flawless images.
  • Her mother’s recent diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, and how she’s coping.
  • Her meditation practice.
  • Staying “small” in times of tragedy.
  • How she feels strong and how she helps other women tap into their strength.
  • Re-programing limiting beliefs.

Check Melissa out at https://www.melissachataigne.com/ to read her blog and see how she empowers women through fashion and styling!